A Complete Let Down!!! :(

So after weeks and weeks of anticipation, asking, and forgetfulness… I FINALLY got to go to the adult take shelves in the other building (where the adult people live). So with my band-aided feet (my new shoes are still giving me problems and I wasn’t wearing them but then I realized that they would NEVER get broken in if I didn’t wear them so I put band aids on both my pinkie toes and on my right heel) and a dash through the turnstile thing that lets you into the building, which resulted in a little buzzer going off, we ascended to the 5th floor.

As you know I like adult romance books (though I am starting to grow fond of teen romance books) and I was excited to find books there that I wouldn’t be able to read until months from now.

But, sadly, after wandering the 5th floor and going through this secret shortcut through a girls bathroom to the stairs so that we could wander the 4th floor… I found nothing. NOTHING!!

The books were all boring, grown up books. And that makes me sound like a child but that’s really all there was. The only romance books I found were the cheesy ones that EVERYONE knows I hate and vampire romance novels. The only romantic vampire novels I have ever read and liked was the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and the first book in the Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey.

It was sssssoooo annoying.

So I have come to realize that The Company publishes great YA books but when it comes to adult books (and my reading tastes) they are sadly lacking 😦

But then it made me appreciate how lucky I was to get an internship in the children and YA department (YA means young adult, in case you didn’t know) instead of the adult section. I would have been MISERABLE!!!

The people there were way too quiet and serious. And the walls had NO pictures on them. It was just really stiff and quite frankly, kind of scary. It was like being in a library with a creepy old librarian glaring at you. It was terrible.

But then I felt better when we left and I got back to my desk and my awaiting Snapple 🙂

Oh and I also realized that we at The Company’s children’s department have WAY better take shelves and that we’re  just more awesome in every way imaginable 🙂

OH and p.s. Who else cried when Mr. Nigel Murray died on Bones???? It was ssssooo depressing. And when they kept showing shots of people walking around and the dude the with the gun looking through the sniper hole thing I was holding my breath in sheer anticipation (and not in a good way). But it was so sweet when they sang Lime in da Coconut for him because that was his favorite song. It was just like after Jesse died on CSI Miami and everyone went to play basketball in his honor. It was SSSSOOO sweet that I cried again. But god I wish that Mr. Nigel Murray (and Jesse for that matter) didn’t have to die 😦


05/16/2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Karyn replied:

    CREEPY OLD LIBRARIAN? That’s it, we’re through, no more free books for you! (See how I rhymed it? That’s because I am fun. And like pictures. And a librarian. Despite being neither creepy nor old.)

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