Skipping the Gross Parts

Ok so I love romance suspense because it blends together two of my favorite things ever!!! Action and a happy ending. I like the jumping off roof tops and getting shot at part as well as the sweet, “”breakfast in bed” moments. I also like it when the guy saves the girl (it may be unfeminist-like and I don’t think that girls aren’t capable of saving themselves and whatever… but I still like it when the guy saves the girl. And when the guy proposes. Call me old-fashioned).

The only thing I completely, utterly, without a doubt DON’T like about romance suspense novels is the sex scenes.

Sometimes I read more suspenseful, romance suspense novels and there is little sex but it’s still there. Other times I read more romantic, romance suspense novels and there is A LOT of sex scenes. Either way… I HATE THEM.

Their gross, graphic, and they make me want to gag. I made the mistake of reading one once and I was scarred for life. I mean who actually does things like that?????? It’s disgusting.

At first I thought that I couldn’t read really romantic, romance suspense novels and I was mad because I really liked them (except for the sex parts of course) but then I realized that I could have my cake and eat it too, at the same time (my mom’s favorite line to say is “you can have your cake and eat it too, just not at the same time.” It’s very annoying)!!!

All I have to do was skip those parts.

So now whenever I get the feeling that there will be sex (it’s pretty easy to figure it out) I skip the next few pages until it changes chapters or until there is a page break. They usually go on for two or three pages (though I once read a book where the sex scene went on for 6 pages, multiple times throughout the book. It was exhausting to have to skip so many pages) so it’s not that hard but it’s definitely annoying. But I deal with it because, why should I have to give up a whole section of romance suspense novels JUST because women like to write gory, gross sex scenes???!!!

Answer? I shoudn’t 🙂


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