The Tragedy of Forgotten Books

I don’t know about you but I have a very cruel and unfortunate habit of borrowing/buying books and then forgetting about them for weeks, months, and/or years. I just get more and more new books and if I like the new books more, then the old books will be shoved to the back of my bookshelf for an unknown amount of time.

You’d be surprised how many books in my bookcase I haven’t read. I’d say about 1/6 are unread (I’m not really good with fractions and I have no clue what the exact fraction is but 1/6 sounds fine enough).

And I feel really bad because they must be very lonely and feel unloved but I just cannot stop myself from buying new books if I see one that I like 😦

The only chance they have of being read is when I (for some reason) decide to weed my shelf of books that I have already read and didn’t like (I keep books that I really liked and then re-read them when I feel in the mood). When this happens,  I rediscover forgotten books and then they’re back on my radar. Some books get lucky and some books don’t. Sadly thats just the way it is.

But… I have formulated an ingenious plan that probably won’t work but I’ll give it the old college try (ha ha I think I finally get that saying). So here it goes: As you all (hopefully) know I’m going to Skidmore in the fall. And obviously, though sadly, I can’t bring all my books with me because they would definitely take over my dorm room and annoy my roommate to where she would be thinking of secretly setting them on fire so that she could get out of the room without the risk of breaking her neck, but… I can (and will) bring a couple. So I’ll just bring all the books that I havn’t read and read them there!!!!

Genious right? Right.

So now that I at least have an idea that has a chance of working, I don’t feel so bad anymore because eventually the lonely, forgotten books that reside on my book shelf will be read.

Now my plan won’t address the actual problem (the fact that I often buy books even if I don’t really want them just for the sake of buying books) but  it will remedy the situation until I can rid myself of my horrid habit (Lindsay Lohan’s, Parent Trap reference) 🙂


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