Once upon a time there was a girl named Gracen who was on Spring Break in Florida because she always went to Florida for Spring Break. One day she got very bored and did not know what to do. Her mother’s words of “If your bored then you a boring person” ran through her mind but she dismissed them because her mother was not there and because it was annoying. Then an idea popped into her head. I should go to because my friend has been bugging me to go there for months now… so she did. And it was arguably the best decision she ever made. THE END

In case you didn’t know that story was about me 🙂

Yes. FanFiction (I don’t actually know if it’s one word or not but it looks way cooler that way so that is how I am going to write it from here on out) is the best thing ever created since grilled cheese sandwiches. Whoever thought of it is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: is a place where people use characters from books, movies, T.V shows, Manga, etc… to write their own stories with them in it. And ITS FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!

All of my favorite shows are there like Bones, Psych, CSI Miami, White Collar, Nikita, Hellcats (though I don’t usually read Hellcat FanFiction), etc…

And of course Supernatural, my all time favorite FanFiction to read. Incidentally, I no longer like the show anymore because they made Sam soulless and evil so I am boycotting the show until they fix it BBBBUUUUTTTT I LOVE its FanFiction. More than the actual show obviously because people are nice and don’t make Sam evil (well some people do but I don’t read their stories).

Another awesome thing is that has WeeChesters!!!! Which the show does not. WeeChesters are FanFiction about Sam and Dean when they’re young (the show starts when they are 22 and 26). ITS AWESOME because their SOOOOO CUUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!

So yeah. I think I read FanFiction more than I read regular books. Which is a problem I know but I can’t help it. It’s just too addicting. I really do feel like an addict sometimes. A FanFiction addict. I’ve tried to beat it but then I get these FanFiction cravings and its CRAZY. It’s all I can think about until I find a computer and read some. One day I will overcome this obstacle but until then I’m happy to continue reading in an obsessive compulsive way 🙂 (not sure if I used that correctly but it sounds cool… *shrugs shoulders* oh well).

So yeah. FanFiction. Sign up and read, and your life will never be the same. Guaranteed or your money back 🙂

Oh and P.S. If your wondering, yes, I do read the endings. It’s me we’re talking about


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